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Huangshi listed among China's top 100 foreign trade cities for 12 years

  Huangshi, a city in central China’s Hubei Province, continued to make its presence on the list of China’s top 100 foreign trade cities for 12 years, local authorities said recently.

  In 2021, the city’s foreign trade with more than 150 countries expanded 33.3 percent year on year to 32.79 billion yuan, ranking third in the province.

  Huangshi New Port, one of national grade-one ports in Hubei, handled 60 million tons of cargo throughput last year. Among which, the cargo volume of imports and exports amounted to 2.321 million tons.

  During the period, the import and export transaction volume of cross-border e-commerce in the city totaled 500 million yuan, ranking second in the province.

  In 2021, Huangshi’s top three trading partners are Chile, Peru and the European Union.