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Wuhan takes in 141 projects worth over 383.8 bln yuan

  Wuhan, capital city of Hubei Province, held a signing this year, on May 24, with attendance of nearly 100 executives from world’s top 500 companies, well-known multinational companies and central enterprises, private enterprises, as well as senior executives from business associations and representatives of "1+8" city circle.

  The ceremony saw 141 projects signed on site. With a total investment of 383.866 billion yuan, this business event hit a record high in Wuhan.

  These projects are related to pillar industries, digital economy, headquarter economy, trade and logistics, infrastructure, ecological environment and other fields.

  "We are very optimistic about the development of Wuhan and plan to invest three industrial parks in the city," Li Bin, chairman of the investment committee of the world's top 500 company Amer International Group, praised Wuhan as a city representing the future. (Source: 05/25/2021)