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Highlights of 2022 Hubei's government work report

Main targets for 2022

- Regional GDP growth of about 7 percent

- More than 700,000 new jobs in urban areas

- Urban survey unemployment rate within 5.5 percent

- Consumer prices up about 3 percent

- Residents' per capital disposable income growth to basically keep up with economic growth

- Grain output of above 50 billion catties

- Continuing improvement of ecological environment quality

Tax cut and fee reduction

- Implementing tax and fee reduction policies

- Introducing a new round of cost reduction measures

- Inclusive credit loans to small and micro businesses to be no less than 120 billion yuan

- Streamlining application procedures in a wider range

New infrastructure

- Accelerating the construction of 10 big data centers

- 26,000 new 5G macro base stations

Industrial innovation

- More than 4,000 new high-tech enterprises

- More than 200 national-level enterprises with four major advantages of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty

- More than 100 gazelle enterprises

Modern transportation and logistics system

- Supporting Wuhan, Xiangyang, Yichang, Shiyan and Ezhou to build national logistics hubs

- Accelerating the construction of 67 key multimodal transport projects

Rural revitalization

- Implementing a five-year action plan on improving rural living environment

- Enhancing the development of beautiful and livable villages

- 10,000 kilometers of newly-rebuilt rural roads

- Strengthening the protection of traditional villages, ethnic villages and rural features

Social security

- Raising capital for 67,000 sets of affordable rental housing, and renovating 48,000 housing units in rundown urban areas and 3,053 housing units in old urban residential communities.

- Renovating 18,000 houses of vulnerable groups with disabled family members to be barrier-free, as well as 15,000 houses of vulnerable groups with elderly family members to be more senior-friendly.

Transport investment

- Accelerating the construction of 15 railway projects, including the Wuhan-Yichang section of Shanghai-Chongqing-Chengdu high-speed railway and Xian-Shiyan high-speed railway.

- Pushing forward the construction of 26 expressway projects, including the Hubei section of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway.

- Starting construction of 5 airport projects.

Sci-tech innovation

- Accelerating the construction of 82 major projects, including the Optics Valley Sci-tech Innovation Corridor.

- Promoting the construction of large scientific devices clusters.

- Supporting the efficient operation of 9 Hubei laboratories.

Brand building

- Developing "Hubei time-honored brands" and "Jingchu excellent products" into bigger and better business.

- Building brands for local teas, cuisines and wines.

Coordinated regional development

- Supporting Wuhan to further improve its city level and core competitiveness.

- Supporting Xiangyang and Yichang to build into leading cities among the non-provincial capital cities in central China.

-Promoting the construction of Xiangyang-Shiyan-Suizhou-Shennongjia and “Yichang-Jingzhou-Jingmen-Enshi”city clusters.

Green development

- Promoting the actions for high-level protection of the Yangtze River.

- Strengthening the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution.

- Coordinating the management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand systems, and speeding up the implementation of ecological restoration of land and space.


- Striving to create a national center of medicine, a regional center of healthcare, and a national centralized procurement center of Chinese patent medicine.

- Building the traditional Chinese medicine brand of Li Shizhen.

- Improving the coverage of China's school milk program.