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Highlights of 2020 Hubei Provincial Government Work Report

The 3rd Session of the 13th Hubei Provincial Prople’s Congress was opened on January 12, 2020. Wang Xiaodong, the provincial governor, delivered the work report on behalf of Hubei provincial government. Here are the highlights of the government work report:


- All the poverty-striken villages and counties have shaken off poverty; poor residents in the province only accounted for 0.14 percent of its total population;

- Urbanization rate has increased by 0.7 percentage point;

- Service industry has contributed about 60 percent to economic growth;

- Proportion of tax revenue to local general public budget revenue has increased to 74.7 percent;

- Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents has increased by 9.1 percent and 9.4 percent, respectively, outperforming economic growth;

- 920,000 new jobs have been created in cities and towns, with registered unemployment rate of 2.44 percent;

- 16 institutional innovations of China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone have been promoted across the county;

- 34 new world’s top 500 companies have settled down, pushing the total number to 314;

- 5 Yangtze River bridges have been established;

- New highways of 493 kilometers have been completed and new rural roads of 33,000 kilometers have been reconstructed;

- Total retail sales of consumer goods have increased by 10.2 percent, and online retail sales have exceeded 200 billion yuan;

- The growth of the industrial sector has remained above 90 percent, and the total profit of industrial enterprises has increased by 9.1 percent;

- 15 special campaigns, 91 major green development projects, and 58 major events were effectively implemented to ensure the development of Yangtze River Economic Belt.


- GDP growth of around 7.5 percent

- Over 700,000 new urban jobs

- CPI increase of around 3.5 percent

- Basic parity in personal income growth and economic growth

- A drop of 1 percent in energy consumption per unit of GDP, and continued reductions in the release of major pollutants


- Reproduce the success in high-speed railway construction;

- Implement the “Jingchu Excellent Products” project;

- Make all-out efforts to stabilize employment;

- Focus on the construction of four state-level industrial bases and development of ten major industries;

- Cultivate and strengthen the core industry chains;

- Support innovation and development of private enterprises;

- Guarantee the supply of important agricultural products;

- Build beautiful and livable villages;

- Continue to promote new urbanization;

- Promote the practical work related to people's livelihood.