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  Hubei Chamber of International Commerce was established in 1988 with the approval of Hubei Provincial People’s government. As a branch of China Chamber of International Commerce in Hubei, Hubei Chamber of International Commerce, hereinafter referred to as HBCOIC, is a provincial chamber of commerce comprised of enterprises, groups and other business organizations that are engaged in international commercial activities in Hubei, China.

  HBCOIC aims to promote foreign trade, attract and utilize foreign capital, introduce advanced foreign technology and foster various forms of economic and technical cooperation with foreign countries in accordance with laws and regulations and local policies so as to strengthen Hubei’s economic and trade ties with the world, and promote bilateral and multilateral understanding, friendship and cooperation.

  HBCOIC adopts a membership system, comprised of enterprises membership, group membership and individual memberships. The highest authority of HBCOIC is the Membership Representatives Congress, which is held every three years.

  HBCOIC’s main responsibilities include: promoting economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Hubei and the world; reflecting interest appeal of enterprises to local and central government departments of China, international organizations and government departments of foreign countries on behalf of Hubei business community; participating in the promotion of international trade rules; facilitating enterprises to participate in international competition and cooperation; safeguarding legitimate rights of its members, and actively advocating social responsibility and public welfare among business circles.

  Up to now, HBCOIC has more than 2000 members including SOEs, private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and representatives of foreign business associations in China, covering all industries in Hubei. Its secretariat is located in CCPIT Hubei.